Membership Benefits


Growth Potential in the Methanol Sector with IMPCA Membership

The International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association (IMPCA) offers Membership to companies involved in the production, marketing, distribution, or use of methanol. This membership provides numerous benefits for both individual companies and the industry as a whole.

To become a Member, companies must submit their applications to the Board’s Secretariat for review and approval. Once approved, companies are required to pay their first annual fee before being granted membership.

Join IMPCA for Exclusive Benefits and Opportunities

Membership benefits are open to all companies that meet the initial criteria outlined by IMPCA. The association warmly welcomes new members who fulfil these requirements. For further information about membership conditions and how to join, please contact us.

Together, through the Membership in IMPCA, companies can unlock opportunities for growth, collaboration, and advancement in the dynamic methanol industry.

Individual Company Benefits

Opportunity for Participation

Members have the opportunity to identify needs and actively participate in IMPCA committees. This allows companies to contribute to the decision-making process and shape the direction of the association.

Networking Opportunities

Membership grants access to conferences, meetings, and membership lists, providing valuable networking opportunities within the methanol industry. This facilitates connections with like-minded professionals and potential business partners.

Information Access

Ordinary Members gain access to a wealth of information on both general topics and specific technical studies related to methanol.

Building Relationships

IMPCA promotes collaboration between industry players and universities. Members can leverage this association to build strong relationships with academic institutions, facilitating knowledge exchange and potential research partnerships.

Long-Term Industry Benefits

Addressing Common Interests

IMPCA’s broad and strong membership base enables the association to address higher-level common interest factors within the methanol industry. Through collective efforts, important industry-wide issues can be identified and resolved effectively.

Promoting Industry Awareness

As a Member, companies have a platform to bring the benefits of the gas-based industry, with a particular focus on methanol, into the public domain. IMPCA acts as an intermediary, facilitating engagement and cooperation with universities to enhance awareness and understanding of the industry’s contributions.


Find answers to common questions about joining IMPCA and its membership benefits.

What is IMPCA?

IMPCA is the International Methanol Producers and Consumers Association, a non-profit organization that supports the global methanol industry. It offers exclusive access to industry insights, networking events, and collaborative opportunities.

Why join IMPCA?

By joining IMPCA, you gain a voice in shaping industry direction, connect with peers, and access valuable resources. It’s a community driving innovation and collaboration in the methanol sector.

How to apply?

To apply for IMPCA membership and unlock growth potential in the methanol sector, visit our website and fill out the membership application form.

Membership fees

For information about IMPCA membership fees, please contact our membership department. They will provide you with the details and assist you with any questions you may have.

Membership benefits

As an IMPCA member, you gain access to committees, networking events, and industry insights. Join a community that is driving innovation and collaboration in the methanol sector.