Driving Collaboration for Methanol Industry Advancement

IMPCA plays a pivotal role in advancing the interests of all stakeholders in the international methanol industry, fostering collaboration, and driving continuous improvement and innovation.

IMPCA believes in knowledge sharing and closely collaborates with the following Associations.

    ACFA: Asian Clean Fuel Association

    APLA: Asociacion Petroquimica y Quimica Latinoameriana

    APPE: Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe

    CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council

    ECTA European Chemical Transport Association

    Sustainable Fuels

    EPCA European PetroChemical Association

    ICCA International council of chemical associations

    ITCO: International Tank Container Organisation

    MI: Methanol Institute

    NPRA National Petrochemical and Refiners Association

    These collaborative efforts help promote best practices, facilitate information exchange, and drive the sustainable growth of the methanol industry worldwide.