Technical Specifications

IMPCA technical Committee has updated the quality measurement standard for methanol.

The new version updates the current edition of quality measurement procedures dated from 2015.

overview of changes in IMPCA spec July 2021 "

The IMPCA Specification is internationally in widespread use for transactions of methanol also across countries.

IMPCA as international Association under Belgian Law has made it one of its tasks to provide all participants of the methanol industry with an unbiased easy applicable quality Standard.

You can download the current IMPCA Methanol Specifications Reference Updated July 2021.

Reference Handling Procedures

There are currently several different handling procedures for methanol in use in the marketplace. This may lead to confusion and possible incorrect handling of the product. For this reason IMPCA has reviewed the need to develop a 'Reference Methanol Handling Procedure'.

Please download the first official version of the document IMPCA Methanol Sampling Methods, "Procedures for Methanol Cargo on Shore and Ship".